At Panhandle Express, we transport, deliver, and handle a variety of chemical products across the USA. 

We're experienced at many aspects of drilling fluids logistics, petroleum-product logistics, and equipment transportation.


Water and wastewater are critical components of E&P, and proper transportation and disposal of those fluids is even more critical. Panhandle Express Energy Services provides comprehensive logistics and secure transportation services for E&P firms. As a Hazmat-certified transportation firm, we transport fluids, petroleum products and chemical products. Additionally, we offer modern scheduling and accounting software.



Freshwater Transportation

Panhandle Express's experienced team supplies freshwater storage and delivery to E&P companies. Our state-of-the-art engineered equipment and fleet, driven by DOT-certified drivers, helps ensure safe, fast transportation that is cost-effective for our customers.

Brine Water Transportation

Panhandle Express offers a comprehensive network of brine water transportation to E&P sites. Our experienced, DOT-certified drivers are dedicated to safety, speed and efficiency, so our customers can reduce costs, save time and comply with regulatory requirements.

Flowback / Production Transportation

Panhandle Express provides complete flowback / production water transportation and management services. After assessing the site, we coordinate a safe, efficient flowback removal process, pick up fluids at the drilling site and deliver to salt water disposals (SWDs) or on-site recycling centers.